Hello Coaches,

Welcome to AYSO Spring 2024.  To request uniform changes prior to Game Day, form must be
submitted by 9pm, Saturday, February 17th .  Uniform pick up will be ready by Thursday, February
29th , prior to game day.  

Any requests received after the due date of February 17th will not arrive prior to game day.  Email will
be sent out with the location of pick-up.  When submitting Uniform Change Request Form please
make sure to include the following OR your order will NOT PROCESS.

 Email Uniform coordinator at:  [email protected]
 Include on the subject line:  Uniform Replacement – Division / Gender / Team Number
 Copy form below and paste onto email.
 When picking up uniform, make sure you bring what you are replacing.
 Do not let parents keep the uniform clothing you want exchanged.


1.      Division, Gender, Team Number:

2.      Coach Name and Contact Number:

3.      What clothing are you requesting:
         a.   Jerseys sizes and color - Please make sure to indicate replacement number
         b.   Short sizes and color –
         c.   Socks sizes and color – Sizes come in Youth, Medium and Large
4.    Please take a picture of everything you need replacing.  This is used to verify color.
         a. If replacing a Jersey, take photo of player with Jersey on to validate sizing is either small
or too big - NO EXCEPTIONS

5.     Specify sizes request for shorts and Jerseys come in YXS, YS, YM, YL, AS, AM, AL, AXL,
A2XL, A3XL.  We do not carry YXL.

6. Uniform replacements or exchanges will not be made for minor sizing issues.
Guidance on requirements for exchanges will be given at the mandatory meeting on
Uniform Distribution Day on Saturday, February 10th

7.  EMAIL THIS REQUEST FORM TO: [email protected]

Thank you,
Ari Ruiz
Uniform Coordinator
AYSO Region 65