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Field Changes
12 Girls Black Flight moves from Beryl Park Field 4 to Vineyard Jr High Field 6
16 Girls move from Red Hill Field 2 to Beryl Park Field 4
12 Girls Purple Flight moves from Los Osos to Alta Loma Jr High.
Referee assignments move with the teams.

schedule change log

Mar 20
12G Black Flight moved from Beryl Park Field 4 to Vineyard Jr High Field 6
12U minor referee changes
14U minor referee changes 
16G Girls flight moved from Red Hill Park Field 2 to Beryl Park Field 4
16U minor referee changes
19U minor referee changes

Mar 21
16U - corrected Field name error

Mar 24
Cancelled 2 12U Red Flights, and moved 2 12U Purple Flights to ALta Loma Jr High


How to read  the schedule
1) Find your team name on the left (City-Coach)
2) Find your team number to the left of your name (1-8)
3) On your row, your games are in white, listing home and away team (1v4 - team 1 vs team 4)
4) On the same row, your ref assignments are in Gray or Orange.  Ref F3 means you ref  at that time on Field 3.  SB means you are on standby for that time.  In both cases, check in to the Ref table 30 minutes before your assigment.

finals referees

Los Osos 1:45 & 3:15 matches Center AR AR
Field #1 12G - 1:45 pm Rafael Arellano L Nick Farmer 2X Miguel Pacheco
Field #1 12G - 3:15 pm Miguel Pacheco L Rafael Arellano Nick Farmer Area G - Fontana
Field #2 12G - 1:45pm Rich Pietrasz L Amanda Kim Ryan Soule L
Field #2 12G -3:15 pm Amanda Kim M Rich Pietrasz Ryan Soule
Field #3 12B- 1:45 pm Joe Bernier 2XL Jake Swann L Leilani Swann
Field #3 12B-3:15pm Leilani Swann XL Joe Bernier Marcos Orantes Area G - Fontana
Field #4 12B -1:45pm Todd Gallemore M Jeff Gaines Adam Phipps L Area G - Rancho
Field #4 12B -3:15pm Jeff Gaines L Todd Gallemore Adam Phipps
Stand-By Los Osos : Marcos Orantes (L)- Fontana
Vineyard Jr. High 1:45 & 3:15/3:30 Center AR AR
Field #1 10G 1:45pm Kieth Larson L Isaac Larson M Dominic Larson M
Field #1 10G 3:15pm Kieth Larson Isaac Larson Dominic Larson
Field #2 10G -1:45 pm Carlos Rovira 2X Jorge Rueckner Cody Festa 2X
Field #2 10G -3:15pm Jorge Rueckner L Carlos Rovira Cody Festa
Field #3 10B- 1:45pm Steve Laing XL Al Domena XL Larry Jimenez L
Field #3 10B- 3:15pm Al Domena Steve Laing Larry Jimenez
Field #4 10B-1:45 pm Jeff Kecskes Brandon Keel Tony Zamora L
Field #4 10B-3:15 pm Brandon Keel L Jeff Kecskes Tony Zamora
Field #5 10G -1:45 pm Kevin Harris L Robert Karmann Shayne Karmann
Field #5 10G -3:15pm Robert Karmann XL Kevin Harris Shayne Karmann
Field #6 12G - 1:45 Louis Palifox XL Edman Urias Steve Bodnar L 12U
Field #6 12G- 3:30 Edman Urias L Louis Palifox Steve Bodnar 12U
Stand By George Murphy 3XL?

Beryl Park 1:45 & 3:30 matches Center AR AR
Field #1 14B - 1:45pm Scott Jarus L Paul Mikusky XL Ray Dennis L
Field #1 14B - 3:30 Paul Mikusky Scott Jarus Ray Dennis
Field #2 14G - 1:45 Lealon Watts (XL) Manuel Del Rio Essie Sebti
Field #2 14G -3:30 Manuel D Rio (M) Lealon Watts Essie Sebti XL
Field #3 14G - 1:45 Rick Roberts XL Sandee Wilson Roger Stevenson XXL
Field #3 14G - 3:30 Sandee Wilson M Rick Roberts Roger Stevenson
Filed #4 16G 1:45 Larry Abelson M Al Azat XL Tom Cornwell XL 16U
Field #4 16G 3:30 Al Azat Larry Abelson Tom Cornwell 16U
Standby: Jody Kinsey M
Center AR AR
Red Hill Park 1:45& 3:30 matches
Field #2 16B - 1:45 John Ackerboom Al Prado L JZ XL
Field #2 16B - 3:30 Al Prado John Ackeboom L JZ
Center AR AR
Etiwanda Creek Park 1:45&3:30
Field #1 19G - 1:45 Michael Hays XL Philip Clayton Glenn Schwartzberg XL
Field #1 19G- 3:30 Glenn Schwartzberg Philip Clayton L Michael Hays
Field #2 19B - 1:45 Ed Williams L David Alvarez L Mourad Tighiouart
Field #2 19B -3:30 David Alvarez Ed Williams Marcello Sgambelluri XL

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