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Practice Scheduler - General Information - Fall 2021


Practice Requests have been Approved, please see Instructions below...
#5 Approvals & Notifications 
#6 Changes

Click here for Updates

Follow these 
Search Tips * New * 
A quick "How To" 
showing you "what to do" or "not do" when setting up your search criteria.

Head Coaches will use the Practice Scheduler to select practice location, day, time.

The only way practice times can be coordinated is if you are a dbl head coach, practice schedules are always based on the coach's decision.

Practice time slots are on the hour, 5-6pm, 6-7 pm, 7-8pm, 8-9pm

This season, field sizes and practice frequency return to normal for each division as noted (check the Field Size, Duration & Freq section for more info). However, this could change due to losing a few fields and the Area 16/19U Midweek Games (schedule has not been determined). Field availability and/or selection could be impacted.
Blackout Days
As is the case every season, if you practice at a school location such as Alta Loma, Carnelian (N/A this season) or Vineyard JH, Black Out Days can and will affect your practice schedule. Be sure to check the Practice Fields & Layouts section for the latest information. There are several months that are currently listed as TBD. The Alta Loma School District updates this information frequently so you should check back for any updates.

Additional Notes: 
School Fields are only avail M-Th (no Fridays), 5-6,6-7*pm. 
Carnelian will not be available this season due to construction
Church Street Park is being held as an alternate field. There are field issues that need to be addressed by the city.
Heritage Park will not be available this season.
Red Hill Park schedule is currently not avail until the 16/19U Area Mid-Week Game Schedule is determined
06U Coaches - Please select a single day (M/T/W/Th/F), your teams only practice 1 day / wk
Friday is NOT available on all fields, days or times.
Beryl West 1 & East 2 - 12/14U Friday Night games
Beryl East 1 - Sparks 05U program & Player Development
Beryl West 2 & Overflow Parks avail for practice (can go 5-6,6-7*pm), If you need a Friday or timeframe outside of these parameters, contact us asap to discuss.

* It will be dark appx 7pm (civil twilight) by the end of September. 6-7pm Teams @ school fields or overflow parks will have to move to a lit field at that time.

The official season open is being pushed back a week, from 8/16 to 8/23.

The Practice Scheduler is tentatively schedule to open...
Priority Registration (Double Head Coaches) Sat 8/14 5pm
We will use the information in your volunteer applications to schedule your practice fields

Everyone else will use the Practice Scheduler, Wed, 8/18 @ 8pm


Check back for updates. Thank you!

Fall 2021 Updates

New Coaches - Use the Practice Scheduler Viewer (no login reqd) to try searching, see avail options, etc

9/2 12:00 PM - Practice Schedules have been posted. 
8/23 9:00 AM - All requests have been Approved
. Practice Scheduler is closed for the Fall 2021 season.
8/23 8:00 AM - Practice Request Approvals are in process!
8/21 2:00 PM - Yes, Practice Requests are still being reviewed, changes being made, etc.
8/20 4:00 PM - ALSD Blackout Days
have been updated.
8/19 5:00 PM - Practice Requests are being reviewed prior to Approval - See below #5 Approvals for more information. Also refer to #6 if you need to make changes.
8/18 5:00 PM
- Scheduler will open Tonight @ 8pm!Search Tips have been added!
8/18 8:00 AM - Red Hill schedule has been uploaded
8/15 5:00 PM - Dbl Head coaches (or anyone else), please do not make any further changes in your volunteer application. They will not get picked up.
8/14 7:00 PM - Scheduling for Dbl Head coaches in progress. Just be available by phone/text/email if i need to contact you tonight or tomorrow with any questions. If you responded to the earlier email with any changes, please make those changes in your Head Coach volunteer application for each division.  thank you!
8/14 4:00 PM - Dbl Head coaches, you have the night off!  I'll schedule your requests per the information you have provided in your Head Coach volunteer application(s). Beryl schedule has been uploaded.
8/14 3:30 PM - Beryl schedule will be avail shortly but subject to change. i've found a number of issues with the practice field cfg. Still working through them but you can take a peek. if you see any obvious errors, please feel free to email me what you find.  thanks!
8/14 5:00 AM
- Milliken & Mountain View have been uploaded
8/13 3:00 AM -
Vineyard JH & Coyote Canyon have been uploaded
8/11 9:00 PM -
Alta Loma JH practice schedule has been uploaded
8/11 5:30 PM -
General Info, Practice Fields & ALJH Field Layout updated
8/4 6:00 PM - Updated possible start dates for the Practice Scheduler and Field availability.
7/15 2:00 PM - 
Updated field availability as of 7/15. School maps need to be updated.

Please DO NOT send emails reporting you cannot login to the Practice Scheduler, you cannot login until the Scheduler is ONLINE. Check the top of this section for Scheduler Status.

AYSO Region 65
Practice Scheduler Admin(s)
email: [email protected]

Blue Sombrero (BSB) / Sports Connect Volunteer Information

This section is primarily for those who have NOT registered in the BSB/Sports Connect Registration system. If you have already registered you can reasonably skip this section.

If you have not registered, please see this page for general information and tips regarding the process. Fall 2021 Volunteer Information

As will be explained on Roster Night (once teams have been formed), if your Head Coach information is in the Blue Sombrero system (see the Head Coach List in the links), your account info will be exported from Blue Sombrero to the Practice Scheduler.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER FOR A NEW ACCOUNT IN THE PRACTICE SCHEDULER.  If you do NOT find your information in the list, you must signup in Blue Sombrero. 

If you previously signed up for Blue Sombrero but you don't remember your Username, please DO NOT create a New Username. 
Send us an email with your info and we will lookup your account information. [email protected]

Here are the steps (applies to Head Coach & Assistant Coach volunteers) however, ONLY the Head Coach will request a practice field

- Login to the Blue Sombrero Registration Management System 
- Sign-up for the Head Coach volunteer role in the Fall 2021 program in the desired Division (ie. 08U-B, 10U-G, etc.)
  If you are an Assistant, sign-up for the Assistant Coach volunteer role
- Complete and eSign the Volunteer application 
- Complete the third party Background Check via the Sterling Volunteers website.
- If you are a Double Head Coach, you need to repeat these steps for your additional team.
- Finally, confirm with your Division Coordinator or Registrar that you have been allocated to your designated team(s).

Your account info (username and contact info) will be exported from Blue Sombrero to the Practice Scheduler. 
Username: Same as your Blue Sombrero username
Password: 12345
Please do not change the default password for this system. The passwords are NOT encrypted and it is not crucial to use a secure password for this scheduling tool.

Note: If you have not been allocated to a team in Blue Sombrero (late sign-up), you will be able to set your Team by modifying your profile in the Practice Scheduler. <
#3 below>. If your name/team is in the Coach Contact List (top right), your team(s) has/have already been linked to your profile.

Thank you for your cooperation!

If you have any questions or need assistance: 
e-mail the Practice Scheduler Admins

email:: [email protected]

Practice Field Scheduler Instructions

1) How do I get a Practice field?
Review the field offerings in the Practice Field Scheduler - Viewer
Make note of the Location, Field, Time and Days(s) that meet your needs. 

 DO NOT search by Team or Coach when you are trying to schedule your Practice Field. These fields only reflect the teams or coaches that have submitted a request or have been approved.


For example, you could use the Team field to search for another Team (if you know their number) because you want to see what time/field they selected. This could be because you want to find a field close by so you can scrimmage or just help each other out.

Click here for additional tips.

Once you are done, CLOSE the Practice Scheduler Viewer,  

Many times we get reports that ... 
"I can't login" 
"the system won't let me make a request"
"there is no “Make Request” button at the bottom of the page so I am unable to schedule my practice"
This is because you are still in the Practice Field Scheduler - Viewer and not the Practice Field Scheduler.

2) When the Practice Scheduler goes ONLINE...
You will receive an email when the Scheduler has opened by the Practice Scheduler Admins.
Check here for the latest status information and updates...

This is it, the moment you have been waiting for... 

Login to the Practice Field Scheduler

  Use your Blue Sombrero Username and use Password: 12345

View / Update Your User Profile, you will need to verify your User Profile and check to see that your team(s) have been linked to your account.

: In some cases, you may not have been allocated to a team. Generally this is due to delays in the processing of the background checks or perhaps you signed up to volunteer at the last minute because we were in need of coaches. Because of this, some user accounts will not have their Team (ie. 10UG-03, 14UB-02, etc) linked to their profile.

Click here for steps to View or Modify your User Profile

4) SEARCH for available Practice slots

Set your selection criteria and select <View Records>.

As explained previously, DO NOT USE - Team or Coach fields.

Simple suggestion, start with a Location or a specific Time you would like. 

Set the Show field (rt side) to Open slots only

If you are a
Double Head Coach you will also select the Team for the request.

Click here for additional tips.


When you are sure of your choice(s), click on <Check to request this>

Select <Make Request> at the bottom of the screen to complete the request.

PLEASE DO NOT MAKE MULTIPLE FIELD REQUESTS because you think you will have a better chance of getting a field.  This only makes it more difficult for us as we have to scan through all of the duplicate requests and send emails to verify which field you do want. It also makes it harder for all the other coaches to find a field.

Click here to e-mail the Practice Scheduler Admins to report a problem

5) Approvals & Notification * Updated *
We generally wait a few days to approve the requests after everyone has had a chance to select their field(s) and we have reviewed your selections. Coaches may have selected fields incorrectly, selected multiple fields or may just need to change fields, day(s) & time, etc. to accommodate parents or an Assistant Coach.

Unless you hear from us due to a conflict, you will more than likely get the field you requested. Rest assured, you will receive a confirmation email from the Scheduler when your request has been approved. Check your junk/spam folder as the emails from the Scheduler may end up there.  Make sure to unblock the email address [email protected].

While you are waiting for your approval, you can review your Practice Requests by using the Practice Scheduler Viewer Ok Coach, NOW you can use the Team list (select your team) or the Coach box (type your first or last name or partial) to look for your requests.

When you receive your Approval notification(s), please print a copy and keep with your coach folder. It also helps to keep a copy of your Practice Field Layout in the event there is any confusion.

If there are any conflicts in the schedule due to error or some other reason, we will make every effort to resolve the problem.

6) Changing fields
After you have received your approved practice request and you are out on the fields, please do not assume you can move to an open spot and stay there.  This can lead to conflicts (ie. a team may have not practiced that night) and we certainly don't want that in front of the kiddos. Please contact us with your change request.  We will verify the field is available and make the change in the scheduler or try to find an alternate location. 

Click here to e-mail the Practice Scheduler Admins re: a Change Request

6.A) Field Squatting 
This is the unapproved practice of reserving a practice field at a park with lights and practicing at a school location or overflow park because it is less crowded. Then returning to your reserved practice field as it gets darker. #6 can occur as a result.

Please do not do this. It is unfair to other coaches who were not able to request a field with lights. You MUST use the field you selected. If you want to practice at a school field we can change your request. Teams practicing from 6-7pm will be moved towards the end of September (for the Fall season), all others will be moved for DST. If we find a team has done this, your practice field will be reassigned.
No product endorsement is expressed or implied by the use of this symbol.

Thank you!

Sharing the Goal - Goal Side Mon / Goal Side Wed

What does ‘(Goal Side Mon / Tue / Wed / Thur) mean? 

Applies to 12U and up (teams with 1/4 field). In those ages your practice location rotates. There are four teams on a field. Each with ¼ of the field. Think of it as two teams on the end line and two teams in the center. Goal Side Mon means that on Mon, you will be on the end line of your respective field and on Wed you will be in the center. This gives each coach one day a week to practice with the goal if they choose.

If your fields are divided in 1/8th and you selected two corners, N/W & S/W, you should also work with the other coach(es) on N/E & S/E to share the goal.


For example:
You select Monday-Wednesday at location Church West, Field West. On Monday you will practice in the yellow area. On Wednesday you will practice in the green area.

Practice Scheduler Login Information

Practice Scheduler User Account 
Imported from Blue Sombrero / Sports Connect
Username: Your BSB / SC username
Password: 12345

Note: Accounts are not imported/activated until just before the Scheduler goes online.

Practice Scheduler Links

Practice Scheduler app | Viewer (no login reqd)
Parks & Field Directory 

View/Modify Practice Scheduler User Profile
Not Avail until the Practice Scheduler is Online

BSB/Sports Connect - Coaches List
Fall 2021 Core, Sparks 05U & VIP 

Assigned Practice Fields *Updated 9/2*
by Location | by Coach | by Team 

Practice Fields & Layouts - Fall 2021

City of RC ParksLights  In Use *
 Church Street
 Held as an alternate field
Field issues need to be   addressed by the City of RC
 Heritage *Not Avail*Y NO
 Red Hill 
 North & South M/W &
 South Tues 16/19U Games
 North T/Th Avail for Practice


School Fields
Blackout Days
updated: 9/9
 Alta Loma Jr High  *Updated* Y
 Vineyard Jr High parkingY
 Carnelian Elem *Not Avail*parkingNO

Overflow Parks
 Coyote Canyon Park  Y
 Milliken Park  Y
 Mountain View Park  Y

School fields will be opened by:
Alta Loma: Sandie, Joey, Patrick
Vineyard: Jeff 
Carnelian: N/A due to construction.  

Alta Loma School District Policies

- The last coach / team that leaves the field MUST lock the gates
- DO NOT use the school bathrooms or seek out custodian staff for access. AYSO is only allowed to use the Porta Potties. The lock combination is '0065'. Once you have set the combination, push up on the lock, and then pull down.

* Field is in use during the current season but may not be available for all programs.

Practice Field Size, Duration & Freq

1/8 of a soccer field.
Practice time 
is 45 minutes 1 day / week.

1/8 of a soccer field. 
Practice time is 60 minutes 2 days / week.

Up to 1/4 of a soccer field.
      12U* may be limited to 1/8 field
You may select (2) 1/8 adjacent fields or 1/4 field as long as space is available.
Practice time is 60 minutes 2 days / week. 

Practices can vary due to midweek games.
Ex: 1 midweek & 1 Sat game, 1 practice

Practice Field Lights


The Practice Field Lights schedule will be available after all teams have selected their practice fields and updated for DST or post season play.
Lights Schedule: *Updated 9/8/2021*

You can contact any of the following individuals to report issues with the lights on our fields. Click below to send an email.

Jeff Gaines - Vacant - 
Patrick Smith Todd Gallemore
Joey Catuara
Sandie Oerly 
Alex Baro 
Ivan Monso 
Daylight Savings (DST) | Sunset & Civil Twilight
Next DST: 11/07/21 2AM, Set clocks back 1hr

City of RC Park Monitor

AYSO Fields are reserved for the sole use of our players, parents and volunteers.  Non-AYSO individuals (General public, Club Teams, Adult Leagues, etc.) are not allowed when our kids are on the fields.
If you encounter any issues, please contact a Board Member or any of the following from the City of RC and they will address the situation.

RC Park Ranger
(909) 552-1678
or (909) 552-1727
RC Park Monitor
(909) 261-5561

Fall 2021 v2
City of RC - Field Use Authorization

Field Closure Alerts

AYSO Region 65 utilizes Twitter to keep coaches, parents and players updated on field closures due to weather, field conditions or special events.   If you follow us you can receive messages via Twitter or check our Home page for updates in the Social / Twitter feed.

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