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Duties for Divisional & Assistant Divisional Coordinators


1.      Email Coaches on when is Draw Night and to invite the Assistant Coaches

2.      Draw Night
a.       Make sure that each of the Coaches in your Division fills out the form that contains the Coach info on selecting its #1 and #2 players.
b.      Make sure that the Coaches do not pick the same player from the ratings sheet.
c.       Make sure that you collect the ratings sheets from the Coaches.
d.      Make sure that the Coaches fill out the Volunteer Forms, complete Safe Haven and Concussion Course.
e.       Remind Coaches of Uniform Night. If they cannot attend have the Assistant Coach Attend.

3.      Uniform Night
a.       Each Division will have their Uniform Boxes to sort out order #1, #2, #3 etc
b.      Insert in each Uniform Box any information for the Team and Coach. Example, roster sheet, flyer for Coach Clinic, flyer for Referee training, picture day info, banner order sheet, game ball #size, Coaches Manual, Game Cards
c.       Take Uniform Boxes with you if your Coach does not show up or if your Coach did not turn in a volunteer form.

4.      After Uniform Night
a.       If a Team does not have a Coach, be prepared to find a Coach for the Team. Example, look at old coach list, have the Region blast an email on “we need coaches for Division”.
b.      Set up a Team Meeting that does not have a Coach and ask parents to volunteer to be a coach or the Team runs the risk of having refunds, and the players won’t play for the season.
c.       If you do find a Coach willing to volunteer, be sure to remind them that they need to turn in a volunteer form along with Safe Haven and Concussion Courses completed. Give them the Uniform Box. Let the Registrar know that you have found a Coach for the Team that did not have one before.

5.      Before the Season starts
a.       Be prepared for players dropping out, requesting for refunds, and add-ons for the Teams. It is your job to let the Coaches know of changes.
b.      Let the Coaches know on when is the last day for uniform exchange.
c.       Make sure the Coaches are attending the required Coach Clinic.
d.      Have all Coaches attend the Coach clinic in order to have their picture taken. (Picture Day)
e.       Remind Coaches to sign up for the Practice Scheduler. (Double and Single Head Coaches)
f.       Make sure all Coaches have the Referee information. Law Clinic, 3-pts, Referee Scheduler, Volunteer form.
g.      Tell the Coaches to let you know if a player is not attending practice right away. Wrong phone #, language barrier, player drop-out.
h.      Contact families and Confirmed Player has drop-out and let the Registrar know right away.
i.        Assist Field Coordinator on painting the fields the first time.
j.        Let the Equipment Coordinator know if you don’t have the following in your lock-up.

Paint and machine, net and goal posts along with ladder, corner flags (4), stakes for the net and for the posts, mallet, first aid kit, game card box with stapler, extra game cards, Referee flags, bag of 2 sets of pennies, red canopy, tables and chairs, incident forms, field monitor information and a box for lost and found articles.

k.      Game Schedule, (tentative)- I gain a lot of respect from the Coaches if I let them know of the tentative game schedule and let them know that they can contact Sandie if they have a conflict on their personal schedule for that game day.
l.        Make sure you have keys/combination to open the fields and storage containers.

6.      Game Day
a.       Coordinate with Other Board Members on who will open and close for the day.
b.      Post the Referee Schedule and game schedule.
c.       Bring out the Red canopy, tables, and chairs, safety kit and all listed in 5 section j
d.      Make sure all games start on time. Email your Coaches that the Teams that have the first game need to arrive 1 hour before the game starts. Also let the Coaches know that the teams that have the last game of the day need to take down the nets, posts, and the corner flags.
e.       If you have time talk to Referees before game and introduce yourself.
f.       Put away the Red Canopy, tables and chairs, and any equipment left out.
g.      Have game cards and incident forms readily accessible to be pick up.

7.      After the Game and after the Season
a.       Check for emails from the Referee Administrator, RC, Safety Report, Coach Administrator and from families on incidents of what had happen during the game.
b.      Talk to Coaches, Referees, and families on what has happen and explain on a solution on the incident.
c.       Distribute all Pictures, and sponsor plagues, and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, place medals (Olympic Style)

8.      All Divisional and Assistant Coordinators should be able to attend Registration Days, Ratings night, Picture Day, Uniform night, Draw night, and all Board Meetings

Divisional Resources

1.         Introduction
2,         AYSO Mission and Philosophies
3.         AYSO Policies and Region Guidelines
            A.          AYSO Standard Regional Policies and Protocols
            B,          Region 65 Specific Guidelines (found on the Board Page under Links)
4.         Divisional Information
            A.        Job Description
            B.         Board Member Contact Information                       
            C.         Calendar
            D.        Field Dimensions and Layouts                        
            E.        Field Location Maps
            F.         Miscellaneous
                        1.         Pet Information
                        2.         Sponsorship Form
                        3.         Concussion Awareness
                        4.         No Heading Rule
                        5.         Injury/Accident/Incident Report Form
            G.         FAQs
                        1.         Shutterfly
                        2.         Coaches
                        3.         Coaching Policies
                        4.         Field Monitor
                        5.         Referee
                        6.         Why I Can’t Become a Referee
                        7.         Paying for Services
                        8.         Safe Haven
5.         Sample Emails
            A.        Welcome Aboard
            B.         Draw Night
            C.         Roster/Uniform Night
            D.        Contact Players
            E.         Coaches Clinic
            F.         Practice Scheduler
            G.         Referee Clinics
            H.        Team Parent & Team Monitors Meeting
            I.         Team Volunteer Information
            J.         Picture Day (fall only)
            K.        Game Day
            L.         Team Responsibilities on Game Day
            M.        Ratings Night
6.         Useful Information
A.        Coaches Information
            1.         Coaches Selection
            2.         Soccer Season Calendar
            3.         Steps to Becoming a Coach
            4.         Coaches Course Signup
            5.         Team Volunteer Form
            6.         Steps to Selecting Your Practice
            7.         Filling Out the Game Card
            8.         U06 & U08 Special Rules
            9.         Game Day Positions
            10.       Players Rating
B.         Referee Information
1.         Steps to Becoming a U8 Official Referee

2.         Steps to Becoming a Basic Referee (U10 Division)
4.         How to use the Referee Scheduler
5.         Playoff Points Requirement (U10 and Older)
C.         Team Parent & Team Monitors Information
1.         Steps to Completing the Volunteer Forms for Team Parents & Team Monitors
2.         Team parent Handbook (Found on Parents Page under Links)
3.         Field Monitoring Volunteer Guide

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